Speed Dialers™

The Original and Only Deployment System for the Waved Spyderco Series of knives!

Are Available Now, and in Full Production for the Following models

Speed Dialers for the ,Waved Endura (WE4), Waved Endura Self Defense Version (WE4-SDF) and Waved Delica 4 (WD4) 

(See More Pictures Below)

On/Scene Tactical is Proud to be able to offer the Incredible Mercharness™ with the Speed Dialer Deployment System


**For Complete Description See Below**

Waved Endura 4 Self Defense Forums Version (Keep in mind these Do Not interchange with Standard WE4) WE4- SDF
Waved Endura 4 Standard Model WE4 WE4
Waved Delica 4 WD4 WD4
Belt Fed Endura 4-SDF ( Belt Mounted Speed Dialer) BF-WE4-SDF
Belt Fed Endura 4 Standard model (Belt Mounted Speed Dialer) BF-WE4
Belt Fed Delica 4 Standard Model (Belt Mounted Speed Dialer) BF-WD4
Mercharness for use with Standard Speed Dialer SD-MERC
** Please Note That Belt Fed Speed Dialers Cannot be used with the Mercharness or Neck/IWB Carry




Standard Speed Dialer for WE4,WE4-SDF,WD4  $22.USD Iincluding Shipping  US/Canada Int add $3.00
Belt Fed Speed Dialer for WE4,WE4-SDF,WD4  $28.00USD Including Shipping US/Canada Int add $3.00
Mercharness for use w/Standard Speed Dialer(don't sell individually) $33.00USD Including shipping US/Canada Int add $3.00
** Please be Very specific what model you Want!


WD4 in Speed Dialer Neck rig Configuration

WD4 Pre Deployment

WE4 In Speed Dialer/Mercharness Configuration

WE4 Deploying

WE4 Fully Deployed

WD4 in Speed Dialer IWB configuration

WD4 in Belt Fed Configuration

The Speed Dialer™, is the First and Only Deployment system of it's kind, especially designed for Spyderco's Waved Series of knives. The Waved Endura 4 (WE4) and the Waved Delica 4 (WD4)

This system was also designed for use specifically with the Mercharness™ in mind. These two products were made for each other, and work perfectly together, no matter what type of carry you want to achieve. The Speed Dialer also works well as a stand alone unit, for Neck Carry, as well as for IWB carry

The Speed Dialer will do All of the below with the Mercharness or as Stand alone Neck and IWB carry

Strong Arm Saber Grip
Strong Arm Reverse Grip
Cross Draw Saber Grip
Cross Draw Reverse Grip
Neck Carry, Saber/ Reverse Grip Deployment, Left/Right 
IWB Left/Right Saber/Reverse and Pocket via a Static Line


A Very Special Thank you to James Perdue of Self Defense Forums for lighting a fire under my ass on this project.

 Last But Certainly Not Least, George F. Matheis Jr. (Mercop) for his Guidance, Support and Never Ending Encouragement of On/Scene Tactical Products! Thanks Bro!

I Thank you both!


Any Further questions,, please feel free to email me


Eric E. Noeldechen - On/Scene Tactical




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