Shipping Instructions


Please Read Carefully!

Contact me Before shipping Anything!

To order, please contact me via email :

I'm having phone problems right now, email is the best way to get in touch me until I get high speed Internet.

When shipping blades to me I must insist to ask a couple of things. I will not be held responsible for blades that are Under Insured, or Damaged while in transit to my facility.

Please send each blade packaged carefully with the tip of the blade either in a sheath, or double wrapped in cardboard. The last thing I want to get is a blade that has bounced around and sliced and diced its way through the box, and find the tip exposed and damaged. Pack all knives properly.

If you are sending from another country Other than Canada,, on the Declaration slip mark it :

"Knife To Be Repaired"

DO NOT Send me Automatics, Push Daggers, Spring Batons, Gravity Knives, Throwing Stars (Throwing Knives are ok) Slashing Hooks, Brass Knuckle Guard Knives, or Ballistic Knives, They will be nabbed at the border and confiscated! These types of knives are considered "Offensive Weapons" and "Prohibited Weapons"

I will NOT be responsible for these types of items being confiscated by Canada Customs.

Please make out All International Postal Money Orders out to Eric E. Noeldechen Directly (NOT ON/SCENE TACTICAL)

Do Not Send via International Couriers, or Global Priority of Any Type.

Send by (Air Mail) ONLY

If this is a problem for you, please contact me and we can make an alternate arrangement.

Canadian customers can however use any Courier they like.

Couriers charge me between a $30.00-$50.00 brokerage fee for each parcel shipped. These brokerage fees will reflect on the final cost of the work.

Please send all blades to this address...(Exactly)

Eric E. Noeldechen
3940 Suffolk Dr, RR#2
Harrow,Ont, Canada
N0R 1G0

Please Make Sure to Include :


Address for Return Shipping
Telephone Number
Brief Description of item(s) ordered, and special requests
E-mail address

**Product Ordered**

For Security / Privacy reasons your name will not be Sold, Shared or otherwise given out to Anyone. (unless associated with the job) No customer lists are recorded or kept, your privacy is assured.

Thank You

Eric E. Noeldechen - On/Scene Tactical