Micro Rigs ™

(Under Construction)


On/Scene Tactical Micro Rigs™ are the Original  rigs  that allow you to use your key chain tools the way they were meant to be used, separated from your keys..

With a quick pull,  your tools will be free from the nagging hassle of being attached to a bulky set of keys. As simple as it came out the tool can be reinserted back in its holster, safely carried without the worry of it falling out and becoming lost.

On/Scene Tactical Micro Rigs™ Have been designed and engineered to give you many years of reliable service. They are a close relative of the Original On/Scene Tactical (click) G-string (click) for the popular Sypderco line of knives. Compact  and Unobtrusive.

They are. The Perfect companion for your micro tool.

Micro Rigs are Available for popular tools such as :

SOG Cross Cut

Spyderco Dragon Fly

Spyderco Ladybug

Leatherman Micra

ARC Flashlight AAA

Maglight Solitaire

 Mini Bic lighter

Kershaw Chive

Spy Capsule (small)

More To Come !