The Original MercHarness




(O/ST Approved and Used)

Designed and Manufactured By:

George  F. Matheis Jr.

Street Cop and Martial Artist




An Extremely versatile, inexpensive, lightweight, simple rig that is very low key. Easily disappears under light clothing. Will accept any number of different synthetic (Kydex) sheaths that have the ability and  retention to hang inverted. Can be used either Strong Arm or Cross Draw.

Turn those unused and heavy neck rigs into shoulder carry simply by adding a MercHarness to all of your existing neck rigs!

Ideal for small neck knives, medium sized fixed blades, Kydex folder rigs or any number of sheathed tools.


The Merharness can be ordered directly from Mercop



Also Available the ever popular and useful MercLeash. A Stylish, hand tied fob and lanyard for your knife. Aids in drawing smaller tight fitting knives, or just simply looks cool.