The Following Photos are a Collection of samples of the style of sheaths I make.

Most sheaths  will be very much similar as the ones pictured, however my sheaths tend to go through Generation  changes, Actual sheath may vary slightly. If you don't see a knife here that is in my "In House" list, please email me for a photo.

 Different sheaths will have different belt loops and clips.. Some are suited better than others for different carry methods ect ..

I always like to discuss the belt attachment with the client,, so Please feel free to ask questions.

Pictures are Thumb-nailed, and in no particular order. Click on the picture for a larger view.


Benchmade "Nimravus"

 Busse Combat Knives


Busse Combat  Knives

Buck Strider "Solution"



Cold Steel "Mini Bushman"


Swamp Rat "Camp Tramp"

 Busse  "E & Basic" Series


Camillus "Talon"  ©Simonich

 Ferhman Knives


 Gerber " MKII"

 CRKT "Hammond ABC"


Busse "PH & Satin Jack"

"Ratchet & Paul's Hatchet"


 Ferhman "Hood Hunters"

 Chris Reeve "Project I"


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