These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from my customers.

If you have any further questions, Please feel free to ask.

Q: What is Concealex ??

A : Concealex is a PVC/Acrylic blend. A Thermal forming plastic Specifically Designed for the Cutlery and Firearms Industry. Similar to Kydex, Only Better!


Q : Do you need my knife to make a sheath ? 

A : If I do not have the knife "In House" I will need yours,, or another knife Exactly the same to make a sheath.


Q : Will Concealex Scratch My Knife, and can you line it with some type of material ,i.e. Felt,Leather ect ? 


A :Most All sheaths, no matter what they are made from will scratch a sheath in time. I take Every precaution so this doesn't happen. When using synthetics as sheathing material, there are very close tolerances inside the sheath to give it a snug, no rattle fit. Lining a sheath with Any material will hamper the cleaning process and Actually trap foreign matter inside of the sheath itself. Therefore I Do Not line a sheath with Any type of material. Feel free to e-mail me if you need a better explanation.


Q : Will My Sheath be effected by Heat or Cold ?

A : As with All things you shouldn't expose your Concealex sheath to high heat such as the dash board of a vehicle. You wouldn't leave a brand new CD laying on your dash in high temperatures, so Yes,, a Concealex sheath Will be Effected by High Heat. Wearing the sheath on your person in hot weather however will have NO effect on a sheath. Cold weather is also fine as long as the sheath doesn't sustain Blunt Force Trauma.


Q : How Do You recommend attaching a knife to Packs, Straps or LBV Gear ?

A : Some synthetic sheaths on the market come with parachute cord so it can be lashed onto a strap,pack or LBV Gear. I Highly Discourage this practice, because paracord Will Not hold your knife securely in place. As knots loosen, you may end up losing your knife. I Highly recommend using either Heavy Duty Zip Strips, electrical or 100MPH tape to fasten knives to Any type of gear. Parachute cord for lashing knives in place is in my opinion a sloppy unsafe practice.


Q : Will my new Concealex sheath be "Jump Qualified" ?

A : Well that all depends on the Jump Master. Different Jump Masters have different ideas about what is so called "Jump Qualified". For the most part a Qualified sheath must have at least Two forms of Retention holding the knife in place. The sheath itself being one, and since I Do Not use Any types of Snaps, Straps or Fasteners on Any of my sheaths, Duct Taping the handle of the knife would qualify as a form of retention. Once on the ground the tape can be removed.


Q : Can you make my sheath to hang low on the belt using webbing material ?

A : Usually No, as the vast majority of my sheaths are High Riding Sheaths designed for Specialty Concealment purposes. I can however drop the sheath several inches than my usual High Rider.


Q : Can your Concealment Series rigs be carried Outside of the pants ?

A : Yes, Absolutely they can. You Wear it the same way you would Concealed,, but instead of going into the pants with the sheath, you sandwich it between the belt and pants. This is actually a Very comfortable way to carry. Extra loops can also be ordered at Anytime.


Q : Are your Sheaths Left Hand Friendly ?

A : Yes, Absolutely they are. Most On/Scene Tactical sheaths are Ambidextrous and can be used both Left and Right as well as Inside and Outside of the pant. Being left handed myself,, I know what it's like..


Q : How do I Clean my new sheath

A : The best and easiest way to clean out the sheath is to wash it in cool soapy water and rinse the sheath out with a high pressure spray, something like a garden hose nozzle. However it can be blown out with air as well.

If you have any Further Questions you would like to see on the FAQ,, Please feel free to e-mail them to me..